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Probate Estate property located outside California subject to CA probate – we can help resolve the issues, and take care of the property sales outside California – we can help smooth over problems and take care of the property sales outside California.

Property located outside California, and an assets  of an estate involved in a California Probate matter, may (probably will be, in a normalprobate) be subject to California probate law – Complications arise when administering the estate of a deceased California resident when the estate includes property outside the state of California.

Consider a deceased California resident whose last will was validly executed outside California, in another state or even another country. California law recognizes a will executed in another state or nation to be valid (enforceable) here if it was executed in accordance with the laws of the place of its execution; California law; or the Uniform International Wills Act.  Thus, a validly executed foreign will can be probated in California.

A California court probate order can distribute all real property within California, and all personal property anywhere within the United States.  However, any real property located outside California and all property located outside of the United States is controlled by the laws of the state or foreign nation where it is located.

Going through probate is hardly ever a pleasant experience. From managing the interests of potential heirs and beneficiaries to understanding the role of the personal representative, there is plenty to consider. For family members residing outside California, or those whose loved one passed outside the state while retaining California property and assets, the probate process only becomes more complex.

San Diego Probate solutions is here to help you navigate these difficult situations. For answers to these and other similar probate issues, I suggest that you directly contact us for more detailed information.



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